Patient Testimonial – Surgery

“When I first went in to see Dr. Wiles, he sat me down and explained exactly everything that was going to happen with my surgery. I had a bunion on one side and I also had a bone spur on the other side of my foot. He showed me graphs, the pictures, and exactly everything he would do to correct it. Then, we scheduled my surgery for about four weeks after that. I went in and one morning I had the surgery. That afternoon I came home and what I really liked about it is that I got to go directly into a boot. I didn’t have to walk on crutches,  which some places told me that I would be on crutches for several weeks. With my job, I own my own company, I needed to be able to be mobile. When I got home that evening, it was probably about 8:00 pm at night, I told my husband, ‘It’s probably because my foot is still numb, but I have no pain!’ So then, the next day, you know they had given me medication for my pain,  but I guess I didn’t realize how much pain I was in for the last several years with the bunion. It was severe and I was in a lot of pain. After my surgery, I didn’t have any more pain. I didn’t take any pain medication. He said, “If you don’t need what I gave you, you can take Tylenol.” It was amazing. I had no pain and in 6 weeks I was able to start walking. At 8 weeks, I was fine to start exercising again and walking. I feel great. It’s only been 9 weeks and I still have a little bit of swelling, which is normal, but I can’t wait to get in and buy some new shoes. Dr. Wiles was wonderful. He explained everything in detail. I really liked working with him and I trusted him to do my surgery.”

– Bunion Surgery Patient in Ft. Oglethorpe, GA


Many foot problems do not respond to “conservative” management. Your podiatrist can determine when surgical intervention may be helpful. Often when pain or deformity persists, surgery may be appropriate to alleviate discomfort or to restore the function of your foot.