Dr. Michael Wiles

Dr. Michael Wiles was born and raised in Illinois, his family moved Ohio for a job transfer. He has made his new home here in Chattanooga for the past 2 years now and has been enjoying every minute. Why move to Chattanooga one may ask? Well, to get away from the blistering cold, icy and snowy winters of the North. His hobbies include cycling, wood working, Frisbee golf, swimming and photography to name a few.

Dr. Wiles attended “THE” Ohio State University following in his father’s footsteps. The day after his transcripts were sent into OSU, his parents decided to move to Orlando, Florida, and have been there ever since. Looks like Mom and Dad won the race to move to the South! He received a bachelor’s degree in Zoology and still loves animals to this day. He attended Des Moines University in Iowa because it reminded him of where he grew up in Illinois. He graduated from DMU with a doctorate in Podiatric Medicine in 2003. After his education, he continued into residency at Genesys Regional Medical Center in Flint, Michigan. There he received advanced training in foot and ankle surgery from some of the top doctors in Michigan. He would travel all over Michigan getting new tips and techniques from some of the finest doctors podiatry has to offer. Dr. Wiles received extensive training in foot and ankle surgery. Dr. Wiles is trained in foot trauma and flat foot reconstruction, arthroscopic surgery, foot and ankle deformities and general podiatric surgical procedures. Dr. Wiles also had the opportunity to receive training in ankle and leg Orthopedic surgery and trauma call during his residency training.

Dr. Wiles is excited to practice in Chattanooga/Northern Georgia area helping out each patient that he encounters. Even though he has been known to have cold hands, it can be seen with each person that he meets he has a warm heart.