6 Tips for Happy Feet

March 21, 2016
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At Advanced Foot Care Centers, we love feet! And we want you to love your feet too. Check out some of these helpful foot tips that just might be news to you!

You might be wearing the wrong size shoe.
This a good reason to buy your shoes from a shop where they still measure your feet. Now that foot measuring is more rare, people keep wearing the same size shoes, even though foot size often gets bigger with age.

Your feet could use better hygiene care.
If you have stinky feet, keep the growth of bacteria at bay with a few simple steps. Alternate between shoes to allow them time to completely dry, wear socks to wick away moisture, and try a spray antiperspirant on your feet.

Nail salons are rife with infection.
If you really want a salon pedicure, avoid infection by booking the first appointment of the day, so the equipment is cleaner. Also, don’t shave right before you go, because it will allow bacteria and fungus to enter microscopic nicks on your ankle and give you an infection.

Bunions and hammertoes need a professional.
Separators like Yoga Toes and bunion splints can feel good, but can’t reverse the damage. You need to see a podiatrist to resolve a structural problem.

Don’t wait to treat a bunion.
Get your bunions taken care of as soon as possible, because they will only get worse and become much harder to fix.

Toe shortening for heels will cause pain.
Your feet should not be in pain, but if you choose cosmetic surgery for your feet, you will undoubtedly have pain as a result of the surgery. Surgery isn’t there to make high heels fit—it’s there to correct a problem when you’re in pain.

Do you have a foot or ankle concern? Make an appointment at your nearest Advanced Foot Care Centers today!

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