Resolve to Care for Your Feet in 2016!

December 21, 2015
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Who’s ready for 2016? How about your feet? It’s easy to overlook how hard your feet work every year to help move your entire body, and we’d love to give you tips to help make your own resolution for better foot care in this New Year.

Wash your feet regularly with a washcloth or gentle sponge and make sure you get between those toes.

Dry feet completely–again, pay special attention between your toes. It may seem like a hassle, but careful washing and drying will help avoid uncomfortable conditions like athlete’s foot and fungus.

After cleaning, moisturize your feet with lotion or cream.

To help avoid foot odor or infection, alternate the shoes you wear daily to give each pair the time they need to air out and dry.

Change socks at least once a day–more if they become sweaty.

Invest in properly fitted shoes that aren’t too tight; and if you wear heels, choose ones that are wide, stable and no more than two inches high.

To avoid developing flat feet, favor shoes with supportive arches, and don’t spend a lot of time in flat shoes like flip-flops.

Since foot problems can quickly escalate, check your feet daily, and see one of our six podiatrists at least once a year.

Be vigilant about sanitation if you chose to have pedicures in a salon, and ask questions about their precautions to avoid spreading bacteria among clients.

Listen to any foot pain–it’s NOT normal! Foot pain is a sign that something is wrong.

If you have foot pain, make an appointment at one of Advanced Foot Care – Village Podiatry Centers six convenient locations for an individualized treatment plan to enjoy a better year! Call today at 423-698-1966.

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