Reasons to See a Podiatrist

September 1, 2015
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If you’ve never seen a podiatrist or foot specialist, you might wonder why you would make an appointment. There are many reasons to have your feet seen, and if you don’t have a podiatrist, there are many benefits you may be missing out on.


Folks seem to expect foot pain and brush it off as “normal.” But you don’t have to let foot pain get in the way of your daily life and favorite activities. A podiatrist can help.


It is imperative that a person with diabetes check their feet daily for sores or signs of neuropathy. Working with a podiatrist can better protect your feet from complications of diabetes.


Toenails are susceptible to the growth of spore-producing fungi. Fungal infections may occur after injury, they may also affect the skin as with athlete’s foot. A fungus like yeast can be difficult to eradicate and require help from a professional.

Sports Injury.

A podiatrist can diagnose and treat you for many foot and ankle injuries you might incur while working out, practicing or playing your favorite sport. It’s your best bet to getting back into the game!


Some foot problems are unsightly even if they don’t cause physical discomfort. Or sometimes what began as a cosmetic problem can progress into something physically painful. Seeing a podiatrist will get you the treatment you need.

These are just a handful of reasons to make an appointment to see a podiatrist. If you happen to have any concerns about your feet or ankles, contact Advanced Foot Care Centers to discover a new swing in your step.  You can reach us by phone or at one of our six location in Tennessee ( Hixson, St. Elmo, Brainerd, East Brainerd) and North Georgia ( Ft. Oglethorpe, and Dalton).

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