What role can a Podiatrist play in my resolution to lose weight?

January 5, 2015
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It seems like the most popular New Years resolution is “I need to lose weight”. So what role can a podiatrist play in this resolution? Losing weight in the New Year is one of the most common resolutions but in order to lose weight there must be a correct balance, and that balance is provided with both diet and working out.

Before starting a new workout regimen a check up with a podiatrist is necessary to prevent any future foot and ankle related issues. A general exam will let you know what issues you may have with your feet before you start your exercise regimen. Do you own the right pair of shoes to start your couch to 5K goal? Do you need additional arch support? Or how to stretch out that ever so important calf muscle to prevent one of the most common complaints of heel pain?

Proper foot etiquette is forgotten as we run from home to gym to work.

A discussion on proper foot hygiene with your podiatrist when using public locker rooms, pools etc. in order to prevent athlete`s foot, toenail fungus, plantar warts etc. are essential.

  1. Never walk barefoot in public areas i.e. restrooms, locker rooms, poolside.
  2. Remember to keep feet moisturized to prevent dry cracked skin.
  3. Keeping shoe gear sanitized is essential as well.

And if it is too late for that discussion on prevention then seek us to treat these daunting and at times painful conditions.

Our New Year’s Resolution for 2015 is to keep you on your feet so you can meet your weight loss goal.

By: Dr. Gupta

Advanced Foot Care
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Chattanooga, TN


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