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December 2, 2014
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Winter is already upon us and with winter comes boot season.  Before you run out and buy the first stylish pair of fur lined boots on the shelf, there are a few things our podiatrist at Advanced Foot Care would like you to keep in mind to stay safe and avoid frostbite.  First you should consider the purpose of your boots and what you will be doing in them.  One important thing to consider is insulation.

  1. If you plan on doing a lot of walking in light or no snow it is important to focus on a lightly insulated boot that has a snug fit. When you are walking around your feet are more likely to remain warm.
  2. If you plan on being out in the elements but are going to be doing activities that require little movement such as hunting or ice fishing, it`s very important to have a heavily insulated boot as your feet can become incredibly cold when idle.

Below are a few guidelines on boot insulation to keep in mind when purchasing your next pair of boots.

  • Uninsulated to 200 Grams: Not good for cold weather. They are for spring to fall weather boots
  • 400-800 Grams: Good range for high activity in cold weather
  • 1000-2000 Grams: Perfect for extreme cold weather, or low activity in cold weather

It`s very important to pick a boot that is water proof.  If your feet get wet they will lose heat much faster.  You want to pay close attention to seams at the top of the boot. Make sure your pants are tucked into the boot and that the boot at least comes up past your ankle. You also want to make sure the outsole is made of a durable, completely waterproof material that is constructed with a lot of traction to keep you on your feet during icy conditions. Considering these important points when shopping for your next pair of boots will keep your feet free from frostbite and able to enjoy your favorite fun winter activities.  Make an appointment with one of our podiatrist today to discuss taking care of your feet during the winter season and how to avoid cold weather injury. By: Michael Wiles Advanced Foot Care 5617 Highway 153, Ste. 102 Hixson, TN 37343 423-875-9211

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