Holiday Stress Relief For Your Feet

December 11, 2014
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Holiday Stress Relief for Your Feet

It`s no secret that the holiday season can be a huge source of stress, not only to your mental health but physically as well.  Your feet specifically will take the brunt of the beating during the hustle and bustle of holiday parties, dance floors, and all the miles spent holiday shopping.  Starting at your foundation is a great place to start your stress relief.  Here are a few tips to help those stressed out tired feet.

  • Wear comfortable shoes with the proper lift and support. Although style is at the top of any women`s list it is important to find a shoe that is the perfect balance between style and comfort, especially when you`re doing a lot of heavy walking or dancing.
  • Give yourself a gift of massage. Even though this is the season you typically give to others it is important to remember to take care of your body. Why not give yourself a break and go out and get a stress relieving foot massage. A massage can be very beneficial by increasing blood flow, stretching and strengthening tight muscles, and relieving achy feet.
  • Doing some simple stretching exercises can help with foot pain as well. Follow this link for instructions and video tutorials on simple exercises you can do at home to help stretch the muscles for foot pain reduction.

There are many different reasons for foot pain and it can be treated in a variety of different ways depending on the condition.  If foot pain is putting a damper in your holiday festivities contact Dr. Gupta at our East Brainerd Rd. location for diagnosis and treatment.  You can contact our office at 423-553-8557

By: Dr. Gupta
Advanced Foot Care Centers
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