Dangers of Electric Blankets and Diabetes

December 16, 2014
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If you have diabetes, there are many secondary conditions you may be at risk for. One serious secondary condition of diabetes is diabetic neuropathy which affects the nerves in your feet. This nerve damage creates loss of feeling which can put your feet at risk for injury. Some of the most common household objects can be a source of unsuspecting concern.

During the winter, heat sources can be an area of great concern in diabetic patients with neuropathy. If your feet get cold, it`s never a good idea to place them next to a fireplace or heater. If the heater is too hot or you are too close to it, you could give yourself a serious burn and not realize it because you may not feel it. It`s much better to dress in layers. We suggest putting multiple pairs of socks on your feet and covering your lower extremities with blankets. The same is true for electric blankets. If an electric blanket is turned up too high then you are at risk for burn. One good way to be safe is to turn on the blanket to warm up your bed then turn it off before getting in.

Our doctors at Advanced Foot Care specialize in diabetic foot care and have many advanced treatment options available. If you have peripheral neuropathy, or think that you may have it, make an appointment with Dr. Kraus today to see what treatment options are available for you.

By: Dr. Kraus

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