Jimmie Ward and Austin Sefarian Foot Injuries

March 4, 2014
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Jimmie Ward of the Northern Illinois Huskies and Former Washington Husky Austin Sefarian-Jenkins had something in common at February’s NFL combine, an injured foot. This came as quite a surprise to onlookers as both of them were practicing without any evidence of injury or discomfort.  However, neither of them was granted medical clearance for the event.

Jimmie Ward’s injury is thought to be minor, and hasn’t been specifically identified.  He is known as one of the better safeties for this year’s draft class, and it has been speculated that he will be one of the only safeties taken in the first draft, most likely on Tuesday.  As long as it isn’t serious, the foot injury shouldn’t change his status much if at all. 


Austin Sefarian-Jenkins had a pre-existing foot injury that kept him out of the combine.  It seems that his exclusion was unexpected even to him, as he had spoken confidently with the media about the 40-yard dash.  After learning about the injury, he stated that he felt fine, but when asked about his participation in UW’s Pro Day on April 2, he said he didn’t know.  It was later released that he had a stress fracture in his right foot, and decided to undergo a surgical procedure to stabilize it.  The recovery time will be around 8 weeks, and could lead to a possible disadvantage going into the NFL draft.


The official NFL draft takes place May 8 – 10, which gives Ward time to impress and Sefarian-Jenkins time to heal. 


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By: Ira Kraus

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