2014 Sochi Olympics

February 24, 2014
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The 2014 Sochi Olympics has come to an end, and athletes now have a chance to look back over their performances.  Years of training come down to one single opportunity to win a coveted gold, silver, or bronze medal.  They know going in that anywhere along that path, an injury could set them back or end their careers. 


Figure skater Kim Yuna injured her foot while training for the Olympics this past September.  Although it was less than 6 months until the big games, she decided to sit out for 6 weeks to let her foot bone heal in order to prevent further damage.  Even though she took time off, things worked out well for Yuna, and she was able to compete in Sochi.  She ended up winning a silver medal, and is proof that you should take care of injuries and take off the needed time for them to heal. 


Another athlete, cross country skier Justyna Kowalczyk, broke her foot at the Olympics.  Shortly thereafter, x-rays and photos of her bruised and swollen foot were circulating on the internet.  She persuaded her team doctors to let her compete, and even with a broken foot, ended up winning a gold medal.  With the Olympics behind her, she can now begin the healing process needed to fully recover. 


Although not a true “broken foot,” another athlete proved just how important your “feet” can be.  Russian skier Anton Gafarov had trouble from the beginning of his run.  He crashed 3 times, and broke his ski early on, but wanted to complete the race, and be able to cross the finish line.  His “foot” was restored when Canadian coach Justin Wadsworth brought Gafarov one of Alex Harvey’s spare skis, and even attached it to his foot himself.  He wanted Gafarov to be able to cross the finish line with dignity, and his act of kindness has been praised in the media. 


Feet are important, whether it is a true broken foot or a problem with the shoe gear that allows you to participate in athletic activities.  With spring and summer sports right around the corner, make sure to schedule an appointment with us at Advanced Foot Care Centers to be measured for your accurate shoe size and to discuss types of shoes and any modifications that may be needed for your sport. 


By: Rachna Gupta

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