Detroit Lions Plagued with Injuries

December 30, 2013
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The Detroit Lions’ tight end Brandon Pettigrew recently joined the injured list for his team, adding to the number of players out with an injury at or below the knee.  Currently, of the 9 players on the list, only 2 are out for reasons not related to a problem affecting the leg.  The remaining 7 players include:


  • Calvin Johnson (knee)
  • DeAndre Levy (foot)
  • Darius Slay (knee)
  • John Wendling (ankle)
  • Louis Delmas (knee)
  • Chris Houston (toe)
  • Brandon Pettigrew (ankle)


These players aren’t alone.  Earlier this year, the Washington Post did a survey of more than 500 retired NFL players.  The researchers found that injuries to the knee and lower leg make up 53% of injuries across all positions.  Specifically, the lower leg (anything beneath the knee,) ankle, and foot made up 26% of these. 


89% of the respondents reported having daily aches and pain, with 63% saying they were due solely to their time playing football.  A good number of these players has either had joint replacement surgery, or have been told that they will need one in the future.  Although most stated that they were happy that they played, the crippling pain and disability is a high price to pay. 


The NFL has made and continues to make changes to its rules and regulations in order to make the game safer for current and future players.  Even so, less than half of the players surveyed said they would recommend playing the game to young people who may just be beginning to learn the sport. 


Old injuries can be bothersome, painful, and debilitating.  Whether you suffered from a mishap playing in the NFL or stepped down funny while out shopping years ago, there are things that can be done to help manage your pain. Dr. Bello with Advanced Foot Care Centers in Dalton, GA can work with you to find a personalized treatment plan specific to your needs.  Give us a call at (706) 259 – 6882 to schedule your appointment today. 


By: Clair Bello

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