Plantar Fasciitis with the Celtics

August 7, 2013
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Plantar fasciitis is a very painful condition that involves the strong connective tissue band that runs the length of the bottom of your foot.  Common symptoms include pain with standing and walking first thing in the morning after you get out of bed or after sitting or resting for a long period of time.  This stiffness usually gets better as the day goes on and the plantar fascia has a chance to stretch out more.  The pain may still be present, however, and tends to get worse with long amounts of time on your feet or after climbing stairs.


Yearly, more than 2 million Americans will be diagnosed with plantar fasciitis.  This adds up to about 10% of the population over a lifetime.  Who gets plantar fasciitis?  People with high arches, flat feet, tight Achilles tendons, tight calf muscles, people who stand, walk, or run for long periods of time on hard surfaces, overweight individuals, people who’s feet roll in when they walk (excessive pronation,) and people who wear shoes that don’t fit properly or are worn out.  Most of the people who get plantar fasciitis are middle aged, although more and more cases are seen in young athletes and soldiers.


You may have heard about plantar fasciitis recently in the news because Boston Celtics rookie Kelly Olynyk has been diagnosed with the condition.  Toronto broadcaster Eric Smith announced that the 7-foot player would not be competing in the FIBA Americas Championship as part of team Canada because he needs time to rest and heal.


Other notable people who have been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis include Tim Duncan (San Antonio Spurs,) Joakim Noah (Chicago Bulls,) Scott Podsednik (Toronto Blue Jays,) Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers,) Eli Manning (New York Giants,) Chris Burgess (Duke/University of Utah,) Ryan Hall (Olympic marathon runner,) and even Mitt Romney.


Foot pain is no joke!  If you are suffering from pain on the bottom part of your heel (especially first thing in the morning,) pain when bending your foot to make your toes point upwards, or increased knee pain (especially in runners!) – we can help you!  Schedule an appointment with us at Advanced Foot Care Centers on Brainerd Road in Chattanooga, TN for an evaluation. Dr. Ira Kraus will help you begin to heal your heel, and get you back on your feet again.


By  Ira Kraus

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