Even Stuntmen have Accidents

July 24, 2013
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We have all heard the warning “do not try this at home” when watching TV shows and movies that show really cool, although dangerous, stunts.  This summer’s movie lineup is full of action films that are full of these types of creative scenes; Red 2, Turbo, Pacific Rim, R.I.P.D, The Lone Ranger, are World War Z are just a few examples.  Most of the time, stunt doubles are used in place of the “real” actor/actress who is portrayed in the scene for safety and insurance liability purposes.  There are some stars out there that do their own stunts, but as you will see, it is probably best left to the professionals.


Jackie Chan is well known for doing his own stunts, and continues to amaze audiences throughout the years.  (He is 59 years old!)  It takes a lot of practice to perfect the scenes, and it doesn’t come without consequences.  In the 1995 movie “Rumble in the Bronx,” Chan is seen jumping onto a moving hovercraft, at which point he rolls over and grabs his foot.  During the end credits when all of the stunts that went wrong are shown, you learn that he actually broke his right foot.  Although it is indistinguishable, Chan is actually wearing a special sock that is painted to look like a shoe over his cast during the rest of the film.  Over the years he has suffered from a broken finger, toe, ankle, nose, cheekbones, hips, sternum, neck, ribs, and even a fractured skull.


In the 2004 movie Troy, Brad Pitt stars in the role of Achilles, the hero/main character.  In one of the scenes, Achilles runs, jumps, and kills the giant Trojan warrior Boagrius (Nathan Jones.)  Ironically enough, when Pitt landed he tore his left Achilles tendon. He was hobbling around the set, according to director Wolfgang Petersen, which delayed shooting the final scenes for 4 months.  He has had other injuries during his career as well, including one to his arm/hand in the 1995 movie Seven.


You don’t have to be famous or star in a stunt scene to get a foot injury.  One of the most common injuries that podiatrists treat is an ankle sprain.  This can happen when walking, jogging, wearing high heels, or even just stepping down wrong on your foot.  Puncture wounds of the foot caused by items such as glass or nails is another common type of injury.  Of course, falls can lead to trauma in your foot and ankle as well.


Accidents happen!  At Advanced Foot Care Centers, we know that better than anyone.  If you or a loved one experiences a foot or ankle injury, contact Dr. Solomon at our Fort Oglethorpe, GA location for an appointment today.


By Ira Kraus




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