Do Not Let Your Child’s Feet Go Unnoticed

July 31, 2013
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Prince William and Catherine Middleton have had their long awaited baby – a boy!  His name has not yet been released, but being the child of the Prince and Duchess of Cambridge, his official title will be His Royal Highness Prince (name) of Cambridge.  Congratulations to Will and Kate!


We often discuss podiatric issues that affect adults, but did you know that bringing your child to see a podiatrist could be important?  When a child is born, there are many things that happen to guide his/her foot development.  During the first year of life, the foot grows rapidly, almost to half of what the adult size will be.  Unlike adults who have strong rigid bones, an infant has soft structures in their feet to accommodate all of the changes necessary.  As the child grows and begins to crawl/walk, forces are applied that mold the foot into alignment.


In some children, abnormal forces are applied that can easily deform the foot.  If treated early, most can be fixed by wearing corrective shoes or braces.  If you notice that your child is walking with their toes pointed inward or excessively pointed outward after the age of 2, it is a good idea to come in for a podiatric check up.  Other reasons you may want to schedule an appointment include any visible lumps or bumps on the legs, pain in the feet or legs, uneven patterns of wear on the child’s shoes, frequent tripping or falling, or if you notice any skin or nail abnormalities.


Many of the adult foot problems we see are a result of issues that were never or incompletely addressed during childhood.  Start your child off on the right foot!  Schedule an appointment with Dr. Kraus at our Brainerd Road location in Chattanooga, TN today.


By Aaron Solomon

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