2013 Dancing with the Chattanooga Stars

June 4, 2013
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Save the Date!
Dancing with the Chattanooga Stars will be held on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at the Tivoli!

Dear Friends,

I am participating in this year’s Dancing With The Chattanooga Stars to help benefit the Chattanooga Partnership. I am raising money to help the Partnership provide a safe place for children to visit their non-custodial parent in situations that involve domestic violence. Regardless of whether a child has a “good” parent or a “bad” parent every child typically wants to stay connected to both parents.

The Visitation Center’s goal is to provide protection for children and victims from the trauma of experiencing or witnessing any form of coercion or abuse during a parent child visitation. Monitored supervised visitation can prevent parental threats, negative interactions and inappropriate activity.

In cases where children are involved total separation may not be possible since visitation and custody arrangements establish continued contact between the parents (adult victim and the batterer), thereby creating an opportunity for the batterer to continue the abuse. Lethal violence occurs more frequently during and after separation than when the adult victim and batterer are still together, and the children can be targets of or witnesses to this violence. It is difficult to predict in exactly which case, or under what circumstances the adult victim and the children are at risk. Monitored supervised visitation can help to mitigate this risk.

Until now, Chattanooga and Hamilton County didn’t have a Supervised Visitation Center putting many children and victims of domestic violence in risky and potentially dangerous situations. Visits were often voluntarily supervised by friends and families in their homes which can be fraught with danger for the child and victim as well as the monitor. This program will provide a much needed center for parent child interactions supervised by a neutral, professional third party, with the capacity to enforce effective safety measures.

I am honored to be the FIRST person to raise money for this program. Please support me in my goal of getting this program off the ground.

You can follow the link below to my personal webpage to make a secure, 100% tax-deductible, online donation or purchase tickets to come see me dance. Please let me know if you purchase any tickets as I get credit for my charity.

Thank you,
Dr. Ira Kraus

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