Louisville Basketball Player Breaks Leg

April 1, 2013
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After yesterday’s basketball games, the Final Four of the Men’s NCAA tournament has been set.  The games will be played in Atlanta in the Georgia Dome.  Going to this year’s final is Michigan, Syracuse, Wichita St, and Louisville.  As has been the case in previous years, the road to this point has been difficult and somewhat unlikely for a couple of these teams.  But Louisville’s journey to the final four was marked with an incredibly gruesome injury.

Kevin Ware, a 6 foot 2 inch guard for Louisville was an important part of the Louisville defense.  They were involved in a fierce battle with Duke, a basketball powerhouse that has a long history of success.  The two teams were only separated by a couple points in the 1st half with about 7 minutes to go when a Duke guard pulled up to shoot a 3 point basket.  Ware went up to contest the shot, but as he came down, he suffered a terrible injury.  On live television, it could be seen that as Ware landed, his calf gave out on him.  His leg snapped in half, with bone easily being seen on television.

Ware had probably jumped to block a shot thousands of times growing up and through college without any problem.  Never before in an NCAA tournament game had such a freak injury been seen.  Open fractures like that Ware suffered is a surgical emergency.  Bone that is exposed to the external environment is at risk for infection.  If the bone becomes infected, it has to be removed.  For that reason, if you suffer an open fracture of any kind, it is vital to seek out medical care immediately.

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