Kobe’s Tweet about his Sore Ankle

March 18, 2013
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March is a month devoted to basketball.  Between the last push for teams trying to make the NBA playoffs and the college conference tournaments wrapping up with the formation of the NCAA bracket and March Madness, basketball will be the focus of the sports world.

If you have paid attention to the drama in Los Angeles this year, you know that the Lakers were projected to contend for an NBA championship, led by Kobe Bryant.  However, the Lakers have struggled to learn to play together and are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs.  In recent weeks, they have been playing well and have kept themselves in the playoff picture.

But last week, the Lakers experienced a huge setback.  Kobe Bryant and the Lakers were in Atlanta playing the Hawks.  Kobe had the ball and was attempting to tie the game in the closing seconds.  Kobe shot a fade-away jump-shot but came down on the defenders foot, causing him to sprain his ankle.  X-rays were negative and Kobe was able to walk out of the arena that night, but Kobe tweeted out that this was the worst ankle sprain he had experienced.  He even tweeted out a picture of his swollen foot.

Ankle sprains are no joke.  They can cause crippling pain and keep someone from exercising for weeks.  Sometimes people assume that no long term damage is done if the bones aren’t fractured.  However, multiple sprains can damage the surrounding ligaments, tendons, and cartilage within the ankle joint.  Kobe is still recovering from his sprain and it has yet to be seen if this will result in the Lakers missing the playoffs.

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By Dr Ira Kraus


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