Kelly Osbourne’s Feet

March 25, 2013
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Being a personality in Hollywood may seem like the easiest job in the world. You’re paid the big bucks to speak your mind on television, participate on reality TV shows, and wear some of the most expensive and luxurious clothing money can buy.   You get to have staff to do your hair and makeup, and spend your time flying to this or that big party or media event. But for Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of the famous British rock star Ozzy Osbourne, the limelight isn’t always shining and bright. Kelly Osbourne has suffered for years with flat feet and bunions—conditions she has neglected to treat.   In addition to her flat feet and bunions, Osbourne tore the cartilage at the base of both of her big toes and needs surgery on both feet to fix it.

Many foot conditions can be treated with conservative measures.  Stretching, immobilization, rest, ice, injections, anti-inflammatory medication, footwear modifications, and custom orthotics are some of the noninvasive treatments available that can offer relief.  In most situations, these options are exhausted before turning to surgery.  However, there are some conditions that have been observed to be resistant to conservative options. Bunion deformities are one such condition that typically do not get better with bracing or footwear modification. Surgery tends to be the most definitive way to resolve this condition.  Depending on how severe the bunion is, different procedures can be used.  The important point is that bunions will only get worse with time and increasingly painful.

Our podiatric physicians at Advanced Foot Care Centers treat bunion deformities and similar foot ailments.  Contact either one of our Chattanooga locations and schedule an appointment with Dr. Ira Kraus.  He will talk to you about the different options available in treating your bunion and what can be done to insure it does not come back after surgery.

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