Help other people, but don’t hurt yourself

February 6, 2013
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Ankle fractures are very common.  There are many ways to fracture one of your ankle bones, and people have some very creative ways of doing it.   They can happen by simply stepping awkwardly off a curb, or not seeing a ditch in a field.  They can happen from falling off a ladder or getting tackled in a football game.  The mechanisms of injury are endless.

Recently in Australia, a woman found a new way to break her ankle.  She was camping and heard a man deep in a canyon calling for help.  This Good Samaritan first called for help to arrive, but in the meantime took it upon herself to do some of the rescuing.  Being untrained in these types of emergency situations, this woman broke her ankle when she tripped trying to climb down to help this man.  Eventually help arrived and both parties were eventually rescued without any further problems.

At Advanced Foot Care Centers, we have trained foot and ankle surgeons such as Dr Clair Bello III who is trained in repairing these types of injuries.  Because of the complexity of the ankle joint, it takes a well-trained surgeon to properly evaluate the injury to insure proper care is taken so long term pain and disability can be avoided.  Our two Chattanooga locations make it easy to find help when unexpected injuries occur.  Our Dalton, GA location allows us to help even more people in our neighboring state of Georgia.

Although we encourage helping our fellow human beings in distress, remember that if your ankle is broken, you can’t help anyone.

By Dr Ira Kraus

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