Motley Crue Needs a Podiatrist

January 21, 2013
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For all of those classic rock fans out there, the name Vince
Neil probably means something to you.  He
is the drummer for the classic rock band Motley Crue out of Southern California.  Their songs “Dr Feel good” and “Girls, Girls,
Girls” brought them to fame all through the 80’s and 90’s.  They are currently on tour with the band Kiss
for the rest of the year.

However, during the tour, Neil was on a stage set that had
been changed, which caused him to take an unfortunate fall and break a couple
bones in his foot.  Talk about bad timing
right?  If there is one band member who
needs full use of their feet, it would be the drummer.  Vince’s foot has been confined to a boot and
he has had to use crutches to get around.
Motley Crue has even had to trim back some of their set due to foot injury.  Despite the extreme discomfort, Neil is
hanging tough in order to finish the tour.

Broken foot
bones are no joke.  Depending on their
location, they can be difficult to heal.
If not treated properly with rest and immobilization, they can lead to
breakdown of the foot altogether.  In
podiatry, we tend to name injuries that are particularly common or if they are
destructive if not recognized early.  Two
of these injuries are Jones’ fracture and Lis Franc’s fracture.  If these injuries are explained away as just
an ankle
, these injuries will not heal.
We will discuss these two fractures
in our next post.

Contact Chattanooga
Ira Kraus
with Advanced
Foot Care Centers
for an appointment if you have taken a recent fall.

By Ira Kraus,DPM


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