Leslie Mann Breaks Her Toe

January 14, 2013
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The popular comedic actress Leslie Mann, most known for her
roles in the movie “The 40 year old Virgin” and “Big Daddy” was in the news
today, but for something a little less glamorous than what she is used to.  At a recent photo shoot, the popular actress
experienced an unfortunate accident as she was jumping while wearing a large
gown.  She landed awkwardly on her foot
and her big toe bent too far backward.
She ended up breaking her toe that required wearing a cast for the
remainder of the photo shoot.

Although most of us do not have routine photo shoots, we
find other, less stylish ways to break our toes.  The most common story behind a broken toe
usually involves getting up in the middle of the night to use the
bathroom.  On the way back to bed, the
dark room seems to mask the bedposts very well, and we seem to walk right into
it more often than not.  Most of these
bumps simply cause a bruise, but they often can break the bones in the
toes.  Consistent pain, swelling, and
blood collection under the toe nail are indicators that the underlying bone may
be broken.

A broken toe can be diagnosed by a simple x-ray.  The doctor will be able to see a sharp edge
to the bone or a distinct line.  Most of
these injuries can be taken care of by limiting the amount of time you are on
your foot.  An immobilizing shoe with a
small splint to assure proper alignment of the toe with follow-up x-rays to
insure healing are all that is needed.
However, if the fracture
goes into the joint, surgery may
be needed to keep the joint working and pain free.

Contact Chattanooga
Dr Ira Kraus
with Advanced
Foot Care Centers
for an appointment to insure your broken toe is treated
correctly and chronic pain is avoided.

By Ira Kraus, DPM

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