Glass in Your Toes

January 29, 2013
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At Advanced Foot Care Centers, we aim to keep your feet in great condition.  Call for an appointment at any of our locations in the greater Chattanooga area, including locations in Hixson and Fort OglethorpeDr. Aaron Solomon is one of our outstanding podiatrists trained to help with whatever your ache may be, even if you stepped in some glass, like a tennis superstar recently did.

Serena Williams is an international superstar tennis player.  Despite major health problems and setbacks in recent years, she has managed to stay on top of her sport.  Her most recent accomplishments include winning the 2012 US Open, winning a gold medal at the Olympic Summer Games in London, England this past summer, and was named the WTA player of the year for 2012.  Quite a year for Serena.

However, she recently experienced a minor setback.  In 2010, she inadvertently stepped on some glass and injured both her big toes.  She has been dealing with chronic problems in both toes ever since, which caused her to undergo toe surgery.  The report is not too specific on what was done other than it was “a chronic foot disorder which involved minor procedures on both of her great toes.”

Stepping on glass may seem minor, but little shards of glass can impregnate themselves within the skin.  These pieces of glass can cause to the body to react and form a foreign body reaction.  Luckily, the pieces of glass can be localized with an ultrasound machine and be removed.  If the foreign body is superficial enough, this can be done in the office.  If the object has penetrated deeper, minor toe surgery may be required.  Recovery is quick, and things should be back to normal once the incisions have healed.  Visit our website to contact one of our locations for appointment.

By Ira Kraus,DPM

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