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January 7, 2013
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As we discussed last post, Vince Neil is currently recovering from a broken foot he suffered while on tour with his famous band of the 80’s, Motley Crue.  There are historically two broken bones that can have long recovery periods.  Let’s discuss them.

A Jones fracture is a broken bone at the base of the 5th metatarsal.  It is named after an English doctor who suffered this injury while dancing at a ball.  If you rub the outside of the foot, you will feel a bony prominence at about the midpoint.  That is the base of the 5th metatarsal.  There is a tendon that attaches to this part of the bone. Tendons are very strong, sometimes so strong that they pull off a little piece of bone rather than rupturing.  This is exactly the cause of a Jones fracture.  Due to the lack of blood supply to this area, this bone can heal slower than bone in other places.  For that reason, it is important to work with your podiatrist to know how to best treat this injury.

A LisFranc injury is named after a doctor in Napolean’s army in the 1800s.  This injury often happened with soldiers riding horses whose feet got twisted in the stirrups.  The middle of the foot is similar to a roman arch which depends on a ligament for strength.  If that ligament is broken, it is like removing the keystone out of the arch, which causes it to collapse.  This is a difficult injury to diagnose and is often missed in the emergency room.

Vince Neil has not specified which type of injury he has, but he sent out a picture of his foot.  In any case, any slip or fall should not just be explained away as a sprain.  Contact Chattanooga podiatrist Dr Ira Kraus with Advanced Foot Care Centers for an appointment.

By Ira Kraus,  DPM

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